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The search for the ‘Mind Controller’ continues only now, Janet, James and Kate are aware of Franks activities and support him with his venture. Frank is affected by a virus which causes change in his manner of transportation and because of his involvement with finding the controller, he is invited onto the Intergalactic Council along with Andrew, where they are subject to scrutiny.
A religious sect on Earth appear to commit suicide, which when investigated by the team from solitude, find other another reason for the deaths. Is Earth being targeted? Bledd from the planet Plass is suspected for using the mind control device and Gerard, a member of the religious sect is out for revenge. Will he get it?
Frank and his team, work with a group from Sraff, on the planet, Tishog, to retrieve or destroy a mind control unit. Are its inhabitants aware of such a device and will the team be successful in retrieving the device?
James and Kate get hold of some games which appear to hold the key to where the mind controllers are truly held. Frank monitors the games through his children who give him names of possible suspects. How honest are the games? Are they merely a distraction?
The Hymaius are introduced to Frank and his team, and they take an interest in James and Kate and their friends, Chris and Louise. What is the purpose behind this interest of four, lowly, Earthlings, can any good come from it?
Earth is under threat and the mind control devices need to be eliminated. While they exist in the hand of the enemy, no planet in the universe is safe.
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ISBN: 9781483619354
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