Love, Sex, & Marriage Volume 2
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This is a meticulous and comprehensive book. It is, beyond any doubt, a most informative, educational, and insightful work for the global audience. Using ancient scriptures combined with modern techniques, Barrington Burrell explores the theology of love, sex and marriage from a hermeneutical and practical Christian perspective. He draws from his many years of experience as a Christian minister, and extensive research, to address some of the most potent topics in human existence.
Are you mystified by the churches’ constant teachings on the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of sex, but silent about its God-ordained purpose? Are you married, but not fully embracing the privileges and essential principles of a healthy marital relationship? Then, this volume will show you graphically how to spice up your love life, and mend your romantic breaches. It further aims to unveil the fantasy and fallacy of sex to reveal the orthodox meaning of becoming ‘one flesh’.
This book will open the readers’ minds to the general facets of the subject matter, and give incredible insights on how to keep love and intimacy alive within the context of marriage. It also addresses marital problems, including communication, insecurity, incompatibility, unfulfilled expectations, jealousy, impotence, premature ejaculations, sexual misconceptions, role conflicts, divorce, and remarriage.
This immensely valuable book is essential reading for engaged and married couples, including those involved in the counselling ministry, and Christian leadership at all levels.
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