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Life Lessons with Baronesses Von Lekton
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This story is about two German Baronesses that traveled across the world teaching life lessons to those children and adults who needed the most help and for those that needed to be taught a lesson. The Baronesses, Emma and Natasha Von Lekton did not travel traditionally by car, or airplane, or train, or by bus. Instead, they are transported along with the magnificent castle where they reside to a location in the world where they are needed most.
Baroness Emma Von Lekton is a very kind, innocent and compassionate teacher. Her lessons are meant for the students who are children. Her twin sister, Baroness Natasha Von Lekton, is very mischievous. She likes to play pranks on her sister and her students. Fortunately, the students she teaches are adults.
There are some secrets that the Baronesses withhold until the end of the story, and some, they withhold until the next lessons. The students that needed the Baronesses help this time are a father and his son. The father's name is Nicholas Botticelli, and his son name is Vinnie. Nicholas and Vinnie live in a small town in Connecticut called Beacon Falls. Connecticut is one of fifty states in the United States.
The lessons that the Baronesses teach are not taught from a book, but rather they are taught through magical adventures that their students must take. The lessons that the Baronesses teach are wholesome with benefits for all readers. This book is meant for older children, teens, and young adults. However, those adult readers who like to read fantasies about magical adventures will find this series a delight.
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