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This book was inspired to me from God. It is about a little boy called Like Me, but his real name is Ralph Boy. His dad left him and his mom all alone. They were poor, but God was always with them. God had a plan for their lives. God needs us to always have faith, no matter what. Without faith, there is no pleasing God.

One day God gave Ralph Boy a special gift of glowing shoes. God used Ralph Boy and Rebecca to show the people in their town how special they both were to him. Ralph Boy went to school, and his classmates made fun of him. They didn’t understand how proud he was of his shoes and how he thanked God for them. Ralph Boy went home and cried out to God for help. All he wanted was for the kids at school to like him.

Not all kids have both of their parents in their homes, but they should always be thankful for what God has blessed them with. Not all kids have the same clothes to wear or the same homes to live in, and sometimes they have nothing in their home to eat, but they all have the same hearts. Kids making fun of other kids is not very nice; it hurts them. God’s greatest commandment is love. Let’s all pray for our kids together, and let’s all be kind and be God’s special light together.
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ISBN: 9781462725823
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