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Detective Sargent Jason Steele is a control freak who has a reputation for being as hard and cold as his name. As he goes about his daily life avoiding friends and relationships, he has no idea that someone has been watching him—someone who has decided that there is more to Jason than meets the eye.

Kaden Jamieson is an investigative researcher with an excellent reputation, a talent for hacking into computers, and a client who has just asked him to find proof that her brother did not commit suicide. Now armed with suspicions that there may be a homophobic serial killer on the loose amid the ranks in the North Bay police precinct, Jamieson decides there is only one person who can help him—Detective Steele. But when Jamieson approaches Steele with the idea that they pretend to be boyfriends in an effort to lure the bloodthirsty culprit into their trap, he unwittingly opens a can of worms that causes hard-hearted Steele to question everything he has ever known or believed about himself.

In this gripping thriller, a seasoned police detective must learn to trust a man he barely knows with his life in order to catch a determined killer on a deadly mission.
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781475982428
List price: $3.99
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