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“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” —taken from God’s Little Instruction Book II, Special Gift Edition, l994, Honor Books, Inc, Tulsa, Ok 74155.

“Anne Marie” is the life story of a once very innocent black child, who, with great determination, struggles to become a successful businesswoman, college graduate, lover, family member, friend, and Christ-like person.

The story begins in a small town just after World War II, and is viewed through the eyes of Ant Boo (Billie Forman)—a loving friend of Anne Marie and one of the main characters in the book. The tale also charts the life of two same-gender-loving males, a wise and witty black woman, a pride-filled community, and new insights. Anne Marie also cites individuals who are sexually abused, religious hypocrisy, souls motivated to succeed, victims of jealous behavior, sufferers of betrayal, victims of lost love, and other familiar and not-so-familiar human feelings.
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