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Just imagine that you walked into your church premises one day and as rightly expected every member of your congregation that you met is able to provide you with almost the same correct answer to your questions, what is the aim, what is the goal, what is the purpose, and what is the objective of the practice of Christian tithing? How would you feel about that? I believe you will feel good. I believe you will also feel much assured that the members of your Local Church have the knowledge and a good understanding of what the practice of Christian tithing is all about; and that you really don’t have to do much urging to get them to tithe. I believe it will also be assuring to you that all things being equal, with their convictions about what the practice of Christian tithing is all about in the Local Church they will remain faithful in their tithing. That should sound great to you, knowing that you are achieving the spiritual and financial vitality of your Local Church.

The Christian Tithing Defined: Making Tithing Easier in your Local Church is a resource for achieving these just mentioned results in your Local Church. The study of God’s work in Abraham (the father of the Christian faith) to tithe to Melchizedek (the proto-type of Christ’s High Priestly Ministry) unveils clear definitions concerning the aim, goal, purpose, and the objective of Christian tithing. It also gives out explicit definitions concerning the principle, sacred nature, and fundamental benefits of Christian tithing to give us the overall definition of what Christian tithing is.

The understanding of the definitional terms of Christian tithing forms in the hearts and minds of pari-shioners the inner persuasion or the conviction to tithe without much external coercion.
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