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I find great pleasure in sharing my thoughts and joys by writing poetry. It gives me a shorthand way to express the abundant feelings and thoughts of my life’s walk. I’ve never worked at directing where my words will go, or whether my words are acceptable to others. Rather, my poetry is a random stroll sharing the people, things, places and events I’ve been privileged to see…like breaking a twig for those who follow. I am aware of the blessings I’ve had by having a heritage of love and nurturing; and I’m aware that I’ve generally emphasized my blessings and de-emphasized my difficulties and roadblocks. Those close to me have always heard me say “there is no such thing as problems, only opportunities”. Though I have written about some of those difficult events, the preponderance of my poetry is about the positive lessons I’ve drawn from life.

I write as though I am summarizing the “secrets“of my living and my values I’d want others to discover about me. The reader doesn’t have to agree with my view. I accept the fact that poetry is a very powerful medium, because it is very revealing about the writer. I’ve expressed that, in my mind, a man is twice blessed: if he has the good fortune to see beauty, and second; has the reverence and good manners to return to say “thank you” once the glitter of the first instance has passed.

I have been writing all my life with encouragement from two wonderful, loving parents who helped shape the optimism in my view. The romanticism within their life has inspired me in my decision of a lifetime soul mate that I met as a teenager and has been my traveler all these years. The 54 years we’ve shared has made it possible for me to better understand myself and my world; and as a proud father of three grown sons, father-in-love to three outstanding daughters, and grandfather to the most special young people any human could ever ask for, I now understand myself better. they keep me humble.
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