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The deadly bullets spray President John F. Kennedy’s black limousine convertible as it moves slowly past Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. The shooting quickly rivets the nation into shock, and news of the tragedy spreads simultaneously around the world.

In Moscow, officials are nervous, especially when they discover the Americans have arrested former US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald for the crime—a man who had earlier defected to the Soviet Union and lived there with immunity for three years prior to allegedly killing the president of the United States. The disclosures plunge the United States and the Soviet Union into a tumultuous period of suspicion and discovery. A conspiracy theory emerges from various sectors, and skilled GRU agent Sasha Katsanov is engaged to sort out the facts. Having worked undercover for Russia in the US Air Force, this young Russian is the perfect candidate for the task.

A blend of fact and fiction, Dallas explores these events fifty years after the fateful shooting. There remain more questions than answers, more conjecture than responses, and more assertions than defense.
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