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Life is about choices that only you can make, editing your spice of life to space yourself out through living. As times grows on the capsule of memories, I feel it would be good ones once I had that thought, There´s no turning backwards on the flip side, I just pick them going into my second phase. It would be removable for me to go on and not be stuck on one thing. I began that journey. My time of phases blew slowly like lazy wind coming from anywhere. I´ve always wanted to be of importance during my walk through or do something important, but I knew there was a big step for acceptance, paying attention to the mouths that speak around me. I had to read the lips that sour the taste of judging words. I´ve studied that being an observant person and all, because everyone´s top lip differ from the bottom like uneven clay that can harden with negative words. Even families and relationships could show the same way. I´ve never been timid with anything, not even love, when I sit and write poetry, I think of these things that are simple, we make life hard. I never dramatized a situation; it was always how I would dwell on anything. My journey started when I first went through something, the phase of it is the beginning of that journey and it goes on and on. I´ve always written down everything, especially if I felt it was a strong thought, not that I would forget, but because I felt it would be useful later. While going through my journey there is never an ending because a journey is a lifetime.
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