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Tommy Belmont leaves prison feeling bitter and planning revenge on his boss, Tony Parson. To this end he becomes his lover. Parson is a main player in the underworld of East London, he is also a homosexual. A year later Tommy had detailed information of Tony’s drug supplier, his protection racket, porn outlets and his prostitution business. With his brother, Bobby, they set up Belmont Bros Inc. and begin the destruction of Parson’s empire.

While Tony is on holiday with his latest boy, Tommy discovers that the lease to The Circle Club is about to expire, an opportunity he cannot fail to exploit. He transfers all the licences, gambling and liquor, into his name and agrees the transfer of the lease too. Feeling confident he hires an experienced hostess from a Mayfair club to help him turn The Circle Club into a more up market venue.

He sells the protection racket to a rival club owner and expands the pornography business with the agreement of an American supplier. The drug business is left to sort itself out due to violent gangs from south of the river getting involved in their territory. Bobby has an exclusive clientele at the club who buy their drugs from him at his price.

When Tony returns with his boyfriend the struggle for power begins. The result is Tommy is seriously wounded, a dead rent boy and Bobby threatening Tony with his life.
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