It is one simple trait we have as humans. Curiosity is why you have picked up this book and why you continue reading. I’d like to show you in these pages that it is not necessary to try to fool or hoodwink someone to attract their interest. All it took was a book and that’s what I give you . . . a book!
Just as I have stripped the cover down to the bare essentials and avoided any attempts at gaudy advertising, I want you to see how the simplest of changes can make all the difference.
We do not need to follow aimlessly in the footsteps of those before us. We can forge our own path using our insight and ingenuity based on what we have learned up to this point in our lives. It is truly important to understand that what we believe is our reality. I believe that a sales career does not need to be full of manipulation, distrust, bullying, or aggression. To prove this, I have penned a collection of words for others to follow so that they too can make their own way. The true purpose behind the blankness of this cover was to represent a clean slate for a new beginning. Where you take it from here is up to you...
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