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Continuing the adventure of Vindico, this second installment in the Vindico series sees the manifesting young deity and his friends, Zirk and Logan, preparing for the final epic battle between the gods and the titans that will take place on Earth in the coming days.

The two forces recently fought in an area of North Dakota; the military has taken it over, claiming it to be the newest Hotzone, where man-made diseases have made the environment treacherous. Instead of siding with one or the other, the government hopes to get rid of the problem altogether. Now, however, Vindico must make the decision on whom to support, a decision made more difficult considering he has manifested into his true potential as a full-fledged god.

Both the gods and the titans have hidden motives, and both want Vindico on their side. But it is not clear which one actually has Vindico’s best interests at heart. After being taken by Artemis, Vindico learns that everything is not as it seems. He cannot trust anyone. Unfortunately, both sides see Vindico as a threat; when he is no longer of use to them, they will eventually try to kill him.

Battling their own problems, Logan and Zirk try to stay focused on helping Vindico fulfill his purpose. But will Vindico go through it alone, or will he choose a side and face almost certain death.
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