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Music, Methods, and Me

The notes of music are wonders in themselves. These little, round, circles, with stems and flags, are the symbols of the metaphysical scales of tones that surround us. Like numbers they live and work forever. They can be grasped out of thin air to be used for our imagination, creativity, and compositions. It is a marvelous way to capture what we otherwise could not see, but only hear.

Notes can be used for the many sounds that surround us? The waves washing the shore, or crashing over cragged rocks can e expressed with note symbols on a music score? And the leaves have yet another stream or melodies? Have their voices been inked on paper using the symbols, named notes? Our four methods of easy composing found in this book, can meaningfully promote the capability to do so.

Nature sings to us through bird songs, thunder clashes, lightning flashes, roaring lions, meowing kittens, all with different tones and pitches. Do we hear them, and their music? Let’s find how to catch and understand their magic. In a unique way we try with the E-Z “Notation Through Rhythm” Methods, the optional use of an E-Z Color Code, and eight puppet characters from the Music Rainbow.

B. Nelson
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781479716418
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