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Do Not Go Quietly
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"Profound, compassionate and deeply useful, this book is a guide to the genius and capacities inherent in the second half of life
- Jean Houston

Do Not Go Quietly is an extraordinary and important book for all GenXers (40 to 45), Boomers (46 to 64) and Elders (65+). It is also valuable for those under 40 who want to better understand and assist their parents, older friends, and relatives.

Discover how to harvest the fruits of our past and turn them into gold we can invest in the present and future. Learn how to live with greater mindfulness in each present moment so that we can more fully celebrate our lives, live our dreams, and heal any wounds that may encumber us. See how to chart a more harmonious, joyful and successful course for the future so that we will say with pride - "We have run the course to the best of our abilities, and we will leave behind a legacy of genuine value."
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Do Not Go Quietly

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