During the years when Julia Gillard years was Prime Minister of Australia, Australians were being told by their media that they had possibly the worst government in the world. Others who had access to data and broader perspective and less agenda adjudicated that the country Julia Gillard was Prime Minister of was one of the best country in the world to live in, one of the best countries in the world for a child born in 2013 to be born, one of the most financially sound economies in the world with one of the highest standard of living and greatest opportunities, and a country with one of the lowest debt levels in the developed world. The country that Australia’s news limited media had “awfulized” so effectively was a country that people were literally dying to get to.Julia Gillard will not be the last Prime Minister of Australia in the same way that she did not assassinate anyone, or stage a coup, or stab anyone in the back, or have blood on her hands.However it is very likely that she would be the last Australian Prime Minister prepared to fight for the freedom of the press of ordinary Australians as distinct from the opposition and many in her own party who are more interested in protecting the freedom of the press of media barons. She is very likely to be the last Prime Minister in Australia who will dare to impose any fairer taxes on corporations and on the wealthy people who run the big corporations. She is likely to be the last Prime Minister who will not stand idly by while middle class tax payers are asked to pay a price for the pollution in our atmosphere so that the big polluters who run the big corporations won’t be asked to pay a carbon tax. Julia Gillard is likely to be the last Australian Prime Minister to put the rights and conditions of Australian workers ahead of the privileges and power of the corporations.
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