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A war is about to happen. A Chicago crime boss is murdered and left dead on the streets of Miami—and $1 million is missing. For Bam, this wealthy
misfortune has turned the game of “Finders Keepers” into “Losers Die” when the Italian cartel comes for the ones responsible and all that they love.

To remain alive and get his son back, he must call on his friends, an assorted bunch of characters that includes beautiful twin assassins who will blow
your mind—and blow you away.

Bang! is a high-octane thrill ride through the streets of Miami and Chicago where old world tradition meets new street domination. Two men scramble to stay
alive while searching for answers to why the Italian mob wants them dead. Locked and loaded, they stay one step ahead of Chicago’s finest mob families and
watch them fall one by one, sending a chilling message to the masters. Miami is more than just hot beaches and suntans; it’s filled with savage-hearted
niggas and beautiful women with semiautomatic weapons—and they’re all ready to bang!
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