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The Vampires of Africa
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More than ten thousand years ago, a race called the Bitalo conquered the continent of Africa. They were something like vampires, something like African vampires. There is a quite a bit of sunshine in Africa. Do you know what that means? It means that the African vampires do not fear the sun. It means that the sun cannot save you from an African vampire.

There are African vampires in the United States. They came to this country during the slave trade. Most of them look like ordinary African American people, but there are Bitalos in every race. African vampires do not like blood that much. To them it is like milk—good for their health. Some call them cannibal vampires or ghoul vampires because their main food is people. They like their food prepared in many ways—fried, baked, barbequed, and ground like hamburgers.

There are quite a few African vampires in the United States. Now they are planning to take over the United States. Somebody has got to stop them. John Srungu has killed quite a few Bitalos, but he is a very old man now, and he is becoming senile. Also, there would seem to be very few Srungu Knights left.

But John Srungu has a much younger friend named John David Hunter, also known as the Preacher. The preacher just might be a natural-born Srungu Knight. He just might be the Chosen One. Bitalo prophecy warns them of the coming of a man who could destroy them. He would be a descendant of Curtis Jore, the man of war, the man who destroyed their ancient vampire. Could this preacher be the Chosen One?
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