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A crucial factor in a child’s early development involves being read to on a regular basis. As most experts would agree, regularly reading to a child can form a close bond between the child and their parents, carrying them both to delightful worlds of fantasy and wonder. Although reading provides stimulating entertainment, it is also beneficial to a child’s educational development. Expanding a child’s vocabulary and improving their socialization skills, regularly reading to a child can help them immeasurably to thrive in society.

While the benefits of reading to a child have never been disputed, reading to a group of children presents some challenges. Specifically, many parents, caregivers, and teachers find that a child’s curiosity often distracts from the story being read. Eager to see the colorful illustrations that adorn each page, most small children can hardly wait until the reader has finished the sentence or page, before wanting to take a peak at the pictures that accompany the text. Continuously stopping between lines and pages, in order to flip the book around and show the curious eyes of the audience the colorful illustrations, many teachers and parents find that getting through a story can be a somewhat frustrating experience.

Recognizing the need for a children’s story book that can be easily read and shared with children, Mr. Tyren Scott Thomas has developed a unique series of children’s books he has aptly designated “readables”. Developed by an experienced and caring teacher, readables are a line of delightful and interesting books, each consisting of seven to fifteen pages of text and illustrations that depict the particular text.

Readables are a practical tool which would offer parents and teachers an easy means of sharing charming stories with children. Readables will be well enjoyed by any parent, teacher, and child.
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