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Have you ever wondered what your letter carrier is doing when you’re not looking? What do some of them do with the mail when they’re all alone in their vehicle or working the graveyard shift at night? Did you ever have mail disappear or mail that looks tempered with? Are you comfortable with the mailman who delivers your mail? Are any of the workers criminals, peeping toms or child molesters? GOING POSTAL answers all of those questions and gives true examples of what has happened in cities around the country. What are the unions in the Postal Service really like? Are they there to help the Postal Service to become stronger and better or are they simply there to undermine the business and get employees “off the hook” when they commit heinous behaviors? What about higher level management at the upper levels of the organization? Do they treat their employees well or is profane abuse a common behavior by those in charge? Does the Postal Service employee dangerous individuals, especially persons that may be a hazard to your children? The book tells it all in a true, accurate format. A must read!
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ISBN: 9781483624693
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