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The Mirror of Life
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The Mirror of Life presented its readers with vivid, graphic details of real life situations, in which victims faced ruin, disaster, pain, anguish, emotional turmoil and extreme remorse and regret.The inability of looking beyond your noses and assessing and evaluating future outcomes and consequences, accounted for much of the misery, disappointment and heart-ache. The misconception that money can buy you happiness and protect you from all adversities, was held up to ridicule and its false claim decimated, by the real-life stories presented by The Mirror. The mockery of this adage was paraded in shame, before its readers. Simple, common-sense living, uninfluenced by wealth or poverty, can protect and shield man against experiencing, the inevitable fate of coming face to face with such unpalatable, painful truths.

The numerous real- life situations presented in this novella: The Mirror of Life: Unpalatable, Painful Truths Exposed, are a grim reminder to the discerning reader to live life with caution, avoiding the man-made traps and enticements, which can readily ensnare man.

Richard K. Singh (Author)
(April, 2013 ).
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781483623986
List price: $3.99
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The Mirror of Life

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