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Well, I hope you enjoyed the stories—all are TRUE—that I wanted to share with you in this book! I promise to keep tabs on things that occur from this point on so that I can put them into the ‘sequel’.
Like I stated in the Preface, anyone can write a book of this kind—about the crazy, exotic experiences they have experienced or witnesses on subways, buses, cruises, tour buses, elevators, and the like. It’s just a matter of putting your experiences to paper, or computer files.
Throughout this book, I made references to the fact that many people who also witnessed these occurrences sort of said or did nothing, that they just did not want to get involved. This was evident in their making believe that they did not see or hear anything—that they were just ‘oblivious’ to the situation—that they just didn’t want to get involved!’ That is why I have coined the expression “pulling a Sergeant Schultz”. I’m confident that Sergeant Schultz, played by the late John Banner in the 1960’s series “Hogan’s Heroes”, is the one who made believe he did not see or hear or know anything that was going on that wasn’t ‘acceptable”. His famous words were “I see No-THING, No-THING!” and “I know No-THING, No-THING”! This was evident in the Kitty Genovese murder case, as occurred in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York City on March 13, 1964. As described by Wikipedia, Kitty Genovese was a young woman murdered by a killer who came back a second time, to finish the job, and nobody—none of those who heard or witnessed it—intervened or called the police. This has often been called the “By Stander Effect” or the “Genovese Syndrome”—basically all those who heard the commotion or witnessed the crime “pulled a Sergeant Schultz”! They saw N0-THING, No-THING, they heard No-THING, No-THING, they knew No-THING, No-THING, they DID No-THING, No-THING! One thing that I am hoping for is that the expression that I coined in this book, “pulling a Sergeant Schultz” will become a ‘new expression’.I think you know what I mean by ‘new expression’—words and expressions that pop up over time and become part of the English language, even ‘unofficially’—words and expressions like “dis”, “right-on” “rock-n-roll” “disco” “hip-hop” “my bad,” “couch potato,” “going green,” “ambulance chaser,” and many others. One thing about these new words and expressions that they all seem to have in common is that nobody seems to know WHERE these words came from, nor WHO actually coined them! My hope is that “pulling a Sergeant Schultz” will become another one of those new expressions. If that happens, we will ALL know who coined it, the one and only R.J. Nobleman, and WHERE the phrase was coined—“SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE/GOING YOUR WAY”!
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