The Devil's Reason
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I am Maxine M. McCants, the presiding pastor of New Covenant Way Center of Hope Church in Prichard, AL. was called to minister to all who are bound and millions that are free. Surpassing all social and gender barriers, my message is for the divine healing and deliverance of the people. Yes, I have always had a heart for the people. Making every effort to minister God’
I truly thank God for keeping me with my health, a sane mind, and a mind to live for Christ. I accepted Christ in my life at a very early age, I was called by God as a minister in the year of 1979, At that time the Church where I was a member did not accept my acknowledgement, so I joined another ministry that recognized the call that was on my life. The Pastor gave me an opportunity to go forth in the word. In the year of 1980 I was given instructions by God to go to a small town called Bay Minette Alabama. I began to have church service from house to house, and then more and more families begin to welcome me into their homes with prayer and Bible study. This continued for maybe a year and a half. We found a small building and started a ministry of approximately 75 members to include adults and children. I was the pastor there for 15 years, but then I was sent to another town, Greenville, Alabama. I was the Pastor there for three years, and then given the opportunity to return back home to Pastor once more at the home church. In 2006, the Lord began to open my understanding about how the devil operate as the Lord spoke to me; I was inspired to write this book so that others may understand the devils existence and purpose. He does exist and I thank the Lord my spiritual eyes have been open to the devils tricks. I am now Seventy Four years old, have been pastoring for 34 ½ years. I am in the process of time, I have been and seen his attacks but because I have been made aware of his schemes and tricks, I now understand that I have been given the victory over the enemy through the power of God and his word.

You have the same power, use it and receive the
abundant life that Jesus paid for. My prayer is that as you read this book that you gain wisdom and knowledge concerning your adversary the devil.

May the Lord Richly Bless you is my Prayer!

Thank you Lord for distributing your spiritual wisdom and knowledge to me!

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