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I guess over the last six months I have learned that I really do enjoy killing bad men. I think someone has to and since I seem pretty good at it there is no reason I should stop.
I saved Wyatt Earp’s life! I sure will not go down in history for that god deed as no one other than Wyatt knew it was me. But, having Wyatt know made me feel real good.
I killed three men saving Wyatt’s life and overall I have killed 9 more bad men over the past six months; bringing my total to 24 dead bad men over the past nine months.
However, so far I have only killed the bad men that had bad intentions towards my family or friends; I could not imagine how many other bad men were out there who needed killing.
I have also learned that I actually like my position in being the sissy maid for Miss Stern, Christy, and Sofia. I have come to like making them happy and I have come to enjoy wearing those nice soft silk panties and my short sexy dresses and even my five inch high heels. I enjoy acting like and looking like and pretending that I am a girl.
In addition to our ranch the 4L and the old Getty ranch, now the 4L-2; we also manage two more ranches as one husband was killed by me and another husband died from small pox. We also bought as fifth ranch from the widow of another man who died from small pox. So, in total we now own three ranches and manage two others.
The bottom line is that we make a lot of money. In addition to the ranch income; Miss Stern get a salary from teaching school and Sofia make money with her baking and I make more than both of them by selling the horses, saddles, and guns I take from the dead men I kill.
We never even need to touch the money that my father left us, so that money collect interest in the federal bank in Denver and the amount just keeps growing. We even send that bank more money each month or so as we always have more than we need.
Well; I guess those are the highlights from my last six months here in Tombstone, Arizona. I will let you know how the future turns out as my unexpected life unfolds.

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