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‘Hard Hitting’ provides the most comprehensive and compelling insight into infidelity in general. It explores all the various strands of emotion and other factors that lead to infidelity. For example; the author writes ‘naturally, sex is a pleasurable act for men from day one, but a painful act for women on day one. However, just like everything in life there are always some exceptions to the rule’.

The book provides couples and couples to be with a unique insight into what should be done to reduce infidelity. This book is essential because the cost of separation and divorce to couples, their children, extended families etc, is incalculable. The book suggests that it would amount to ‘courting disaster’ if couple’s sexual compatibility is not given the priority it deserves (either by going it the religious way or otherwise) during courtship, as infidelity accounts for a lot of separations in society today, and it goes further to stress that it is not a coincidence to see that most young people in Mental Health Institutions and prisons come from dysfunctional families, some as a result of infidelity leading to divorce, though sometimes the parting words are 'there is no third party involved' but how definite is this? The book also contains a powerful/moving story ‘tribute to an awesome father’ illustrating the Author’s father impact on his life, though his father died when he was 14. His father was not only a teacher but a wrestler, artist, musician etc, who translated his teachings into music to aid his student’s understanding. Most gripping of all is what his father suffered and endured before being allowed to marry his mother. The tribute would be hugely beneficial to parents of all ages and their children. This might prove to be the ‘best’ book you have ever read.
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