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Smoothing the Rough Edges
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Here is a unique piece of creative writing that is sensationally intriguing and mind-blasting. If this book does not revitalize your thinking, it will truly lure it in a very fascinating way. It is the best ever combination of basic life principles, self-help, humour and common sense that has something for everyone.
Smoothing the Rough Edges is purposefully written in a way that carefully peels off the outer crust of everyday living to expose the inner veins through which the life-blood of our personality flows. Not only does it explore the ingredients for adding value to family and personal lives, but it also stretches out imagination beyond the restrictive horizons of our thinking.

Tailored in rich and eloquent prose poetry, this book will awaken your conscience and elevate your perception and appreciation of your person and others. This nerve-wrecking reading experience is crafted and bundled into a 46-chapter outfit which includes subtitles such as these and many more:

· The state of health of the mind depends on its diet
· Bad temper is a lift to regrettable heights
· A relationship is like a personal account
· Failed ambition is a life behind bars
· Pride is what you live to regret or regret to leave
· Don't put a stolen roof over your house
· Friendship - an old thing that survived trials of all times
· Hope is a dream that you can live and believe
· My child, this is food for your thought
· Temptation is spying on our conscience
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Smoothing the Rough Edges

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