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This book is about pastor Tita (Prince) who passed through the rigors of time under economic hardship caused by incessant militia attacks to reach to the echelon of self attainment, but having violet his boss Mpyama’s (He shall inherit) rules by sneaking out to have affairs with prostitutes of the ‘other side of town’ they later came calling. He later lost himself and followed the ladies and joined their religious denomination, and he later traveled overseas where he had more sexual encounters and was as well ordained a pastor. After his ordination, he sold his conscience for bags of CFA by engaging in sexual immorality, and while at home his homosexual approach led to his banishment, and he later returned and became a problem.
This book is the first of its kind that gave clear and convincing evidence of how people, especially those who have established themselves deliberately out of greed, self-aggrandizements, gluttony and egocentrism indulge in sexual immorality just to make more money. It also portrays the impacts of such immoral behaviors on peaceful communities and the society in general. This book also shows the many ramifications of the present day religious organizations and their impacts on individuals.
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ISBN: 9781466989313
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