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Imagine opening a jewelry box. As you carefully raise the lid, the most beautiful music you have ever heard begins to play. Peering inside, you see precious gemstones surrounding a polished strand of pearls against a black velvet lining. This isn’t just any jewelry box. It’s your spiritual jewelry box. Pearls are the foundational piece placed in our spiritual jewelry box. When you don’t know what to pray, don’t know how to pray, and don’t even want to pray, you can open your jewelry box and pull out Pearls.

In the same way an oyster covers an irritant in its shell with a substance called nacre, producing a pearl, we can coat the issues in our lives with the nacre of prayer and also produce pearls. Pearls outlines five essentials for a richer prayer life, focusing on how Jesus’ words, “it is better to give than to receive,” relate to prayer. These words are often related to our money, our time, or our service. Pearls takes a step further and shows how giving to God through prayer in five areas enriches your prayer life and draws you into a closer relationship with Him.

Pearls is about praying. It provides a fresh look at a subject that will never grow old.
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ISBN: 9781449791582
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