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From Here To Where is a story about a little boy learning to survive in a very abusive
environment, not only does he learn to save his own life, he had to use his wits to save his
mother’s life as well. In his early years, he and his mother lived in constant fear. The story
describes how his survivor skills became more important than his education. As a seven
year old child, he ran into the dark of night to save himself from certain death. Tells the
how a daddy punished a child beyond the limits of law for any man or animal. Show how
a daddy’s abuse was determined as punishment.
The story tells how a young child gets involved in sex play. This story begins at three and
ends at eleven years old. It’s not about kicking sand or throwing rocks in to lakes or streams.
It’s about surviving in a very cold and cruel environment at home.
The Author has always wanted to write stories of interest, concerning people that live
ordinary lives. Unfortunately some characters in this story lived every way except an
ordinary life. Also about people that makes a difference in day to day lives of all people.
Especially children, who in many ways of experiencing some form of abuse in their lives.
His hope and prayer is that someone will read his story and act in a way that would help
a child fi nd hope, peace, and love. Many parents believe their way is the best way, without
noticing the child’s reactions. There are many children that pass through the system with
emotionally and physically abused scars. They don’t know how to ask for help, some may
not even realize they need help. All children are born trusting, and caring. It’s the adults
that betray that trust. Most problems are not detected until it’s far too late. He loved to read
stories about different cultures and their way of life. From a small boy until an adult male,
reading has been a large part of his secret getaway.
The author learned to type in high school because he knew that someday he would write
this story. He knew he wouldn’t rest until his story was told. Only four individuals still
living can verify the heart of this story.
Feel the grief, in graphic details of an abusive life of a child. “From Here to Where” is a
true story.
After many years, the events are forever tattooed on my brain. With so many other things
to do, I try not to think about them. Life goes on, but the story lives and so does the pain
with its sadness. You will also feel the pain as well as some very cheerful moments.
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ISBN: 9781483605586
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