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This book is written for everyone in search of happiness.

People like you and I alike: Big or little, old or young. Strong or weak. Tall or short, male or female. Green or purple.

In these pages lie the secrets of one man’s quest for happiness, and he finds it in abundance through self-realization, patience, and the recognition of God’s love.
It is inspired by all the low moments in one’s life, by all the past things that have occurred in our lives, whether it is someone or something that we cared about or a situation that we could not control.
If for some reason you’re not happy,


It should help you realize all the love and beauty that surround you. It will teach you something about yourself. It will give you what you need to feel good, give you a sense of purpose and value. Make you understand how important you are. And help you to learn

to Be
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ISBN: 9781479794836
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