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The years are 1914-1918 and World War I is underway. Britain's greatest detective, Albert Holes, and his companion Dr. Roger Aston discover the parallel dimension Fairyland, and that the dimension is interactive. The British Government's stationary is stolen. The Foreign Secretary, a spy with an interest in genital photography, commits suicide. The Home Secretary, a descendant of Simple Simon, engages Holes and Aston to find out who is manipulating Europe to go to war.

At the same time, Old King Cole engages Holes and Aston on a similar problem in Fairyland. This involves the murder of Rudolph the Reindeer, The Grand Old Duke of York and The Duchess. It seems that Father Christmas is trying to take over Fairyland with the Big Bad Wolf.

Are the Home Secretary and Holes' housekeeper spies for the Austro-Hungarian Intelligence Centre (AIC) or the Fairyland AIC? Is King Cole / Mr. E'loc a Serbian spy or the Antler murderer? Is the night soil wagon a weapon of mass destruction that is about to go critical?

Have Holes and Aston fallen completely off their page?
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