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Storms of Life
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This book is not only a self help tool but also a journey of a personal life experience. It offers poignant touches with an added light touch of humour. It offers a scope of connection and of reaching your personal desired destination. It highlights the importance of life and how to experience it without any regrets. It is up to each individual to make his or her life what it is. Readers will be left feeling uplifted, enlightened and re-assured. Life after all is only a journey; you just have to flow with it positively despite whatever the daily disruptions thrown at you.

Life throws so many storms in our path, it is how you handle them and come through these destructions, that you then ...truly realise what you have learned and the person you have become. This book is unique and grounded in depths of personal experience. It gives focus and a goal for readers to connect to, identify with and stimulate a journey in search of their own path.

There are personal poetic feelings which resonate with each phase of life before finally rising as a survivor against all odds.

If you are struggling and facing lifes challenges in a negative frame of mind without being aware, then this is the book that will give you a sense of direction, help and motivation to become a changed person. It is about self acceptance and not blame. It is about moving on from one point to the next.

Face the storms of your life, step outside and face the challenge. Commence your journey to a brighter new you. I am no better than you are of me. We all individually have the power within. If I can do it what is stopping you?

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Storms of Life - Kim Kamaljit Dhaliwal

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