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Gospel Piano For Beginners

28 pages21 minutes


This is the definitive guide to playing gospel piano for beginners, by the world-renowned author and educator Mark Harrison. You'll get started right away, learning some essential gospel grooves which will help you lead your first (or next) congregation at the piano! The material is organized and explained in the clearest possible way, and all of the twenty-three music examples are very authentic and fun to play. All fingerings for the music examples are also provided.

Once you have purchased this book, you can then email us to receive a FREE download of mp3 recordings and pdf versions for all of the music examples in the book. Most of the recordings include play-along tracks with a rhythm section, so you can have fun jamming along with the band!

Here is an overview of the sections contained in this book:
Section One - Gospel Comping with Major Triads
Section Two - The Big Gospel Piano Secret: Mixolydian Triads
Section Three - Gospel Comping with Mixolydian Triads
Section Four - Gospel Walkups and Walkdowns
Section Five - Using Pentatonic Scales
Section Six - Adding Left Hand Octave Patterns
Section Seven - Adding Sixteenth Notes in the Right Hand
Section Eight - Adding Sixteenth Notes in the Left Hand
Section Nine - Combined Sixteenth-Note Rhythms with Both Hands

Mark Harrison is one of the highest-rated contemporary music educators and authors in the world today. His instruction books are endorsed by Keyboard Magazine, Jazz Times, and Performing Musician Magazine, and are used at numerous music colleges and universities. Mark's books have helped many thousands of musicians in over twenty countries worldwide.

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