If Tigers Were Angels
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Ben Taylor has been a workaholic in his efforts to climb the proverbial corporate ladder within his company. His drive to succeed consumed him, leaving little time for his wife and three children. The few moments he did spend with them were on those rare Saturdays when he stayed home and they helped him plant flowers in the backyard.

Now in his fifties, Ben finally realizes his mistakes and reduces his work hours. However, it is too little, too late. His children are grown and live far away with his grandchildren. Filled with many regrets, Ben decides to start searching for his real purpose in life.

Fortunately, his twelve-year-old neighbor, Andy, may be just what Ben needs to change his life. He treats Andy like a grandson and feels that the Lord has provided him with a second chance to atone for his past. Ben notices how Andy appears to become mesmerized while watching the Tiger Swallowtail butterflies that come to the backyard. Andy’s unusual experiences with the Tigers affect Ben’s relationship with God.

The events that follow send Ben on an adventure in faith with astonishing twists and turns, taking him on a spiritual journey he never dreamed possible.

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ISBN: 9781475985931
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