A legacy like no other, Lacy inherits her great-aunt
Jenny’s home. Undecided whether to keep or sell the
house she decides to see it for herself. What she
encounters is more than just a material legacy of
dusty chinaware and furniture. Upstairs in the attic she comes
across her late aunt’s diaries which opens to a time in the past
when her aunt was still living her dreams, falling in love, and
making the toughest decisions of her life.
Lacy digs up the love story of Jenny Shaw and Michael Delany.
They grew up together as neighbors in upscale Seattle and
both felt an unusual connection with each other, each knew
when the other was feeling sad or if something threatened or
bothered the other. If there was anything in the world Jenny
knew and loved, it was Michael. When fate and honor threatens
to tear them apart, the lovers struggle to keep each other.
“Jenny if you will just keep loving me I promise that I will love
you every minute of the rest of my life, and what’s a life time or
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