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If Life Was a Game
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If life were a game, what would be the objective? This is a question I have been asking myself, my clients, and my friends for quite some time, with some very interesting responses. Some give a scientific answer to survive and replicate; this is definitely true for the human race to survive. Some say, I don’t know, but by far and away, the most common response is to win. I then ask, What does that mean to win? This is where most people get stuck. This to me is like playing a game of soccer and having twenty-two players on the field and none of them really knowing what the objective of the game really is. That would make quite an interesting game to watch. There are very few people, in my opinion, who clearly understand what the main objective is and how to go about achieving this. Most people are simply playing the game not really knowing what their aim is. That is why I felt the need to explore this topic and to share with you what I have learnt.
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