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Against the glamorous background of the big city, five beautiful women struggle to find love, acceptance, and success. As the five prepare for a wedding, they take inventory of their own lives. Has pleasure been enough? Is glamour really all they need to be happy? And is that happiness worth it—at any cost?

No matter how hard they try to deny it, beneath the glitz is an inescapable tarnish. As the five friends flirt, seduce, and entice with gossipy, scandalous verve, Stilettos explores the risks a woman must take to find herself, real love, and her place in elite society.

Samantha is a savvy businesswoman married to her first love for over ten years. Can she find that spark again? Langston is drop-dead-gorgeous, with the kind of feminine wiles made only in Italy. Will her obsession with cocaine cost her everything? Ashley, who lost it all in a brutal divorce, is desperate to make ends meet. Does she dare to hope for love again? Starr is convinced that love and sex are overrated. Could a sex-fueled adventure really solve all her problems? Maxi, who struggles with a body dismorphic disorder, can’t admit that she won’t have her pick of men forever. Is she really willing to abandon true love to gain access to medical benefits?

Stilettos is a story about freedom, having dreams, and making choices—if only those choices were always the best ones.

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ISBN: 9781475963359
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