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Welcome Home

Sitting on the steps of his cabin Dakota Walker Randell sipped his coffee as he looked toward the mountains. He had never expected his family to throw him a party when he started spending more time at home. Still it would have been nice if they had at least been happy to see him. His kids didn’t really know him, his ex-wife wasn’t talking to him even Susan was ignoring him. All he had for company was the dog and he wasn’t even sure where the dog had come from. It was hard to explain the dog was just there at the cabin when he was in the valley.
Dakota was a man who had to set things straight with his family but that was not going to be as easy as he had hoped. After all where do you start? What do you say to your children and their mothers?
He had parked his truck for a time because his father and uncle had asked for his help. They hadn’t told him what they needed his help with. Over the years the valley had changed it was a place for tourists these days Dakota wasn’t sure he liked that.
He wasn’t sure being around his ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend at the same time really sound like a fun time to him. Those two women were not the sharing type years earlier. He was sure they were not going to be in a sharing mood now. He should have stayed in his truck but he had said he would help the family.
If he was going to keep his word he was going to have to stay around. If he was going to have any company at all while he was in the valley it looked like the dog was going to have to learn how to talk.
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