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In the past 25 years, science has made great advancements in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Of these advancements, many benefit our feline community. Where once a cat was considered old at 6 years, with a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years, they are now able to live longer and healthier lives, many cats into their late teens.

On Older Cats presents a view of the aging cat in a most unique way. Rather than being too technical, the information is given in layman language, easily understood by anyone.

The book begins with the first changes you would notice, the outward appearances, then progresses to internal changes and behavioral changes. Each item discusses, from eyes and ears to respiratory system and even sleep behavior, is explained as normal functions followed by results of normal aging and expected problems. Chapter V, What You Can Do, covers everything from home care (diet and grooming to creature comforts), travel care and the most important health care for your older cat. There is also a section on alternative remedies, seldom found in other cat books. And, of course, a section on the emotional topics of euthanasia, pet loss and grieving.

In a time where most shelters think of cats as old at four years, it's refreshing to find an author who feels that cats don't even reach their prime until after six years. The author has been privileged to observe many of her cats living into their late teens and early twenties. The author has taken scientific information and molded it with her hands-on experience to create On Older Cats, a book which would be a welcomed addition to any cat lovers bookshelf.

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