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It is 1958 as a teenager scans the beach of Cabo Mar. But Max is not a casual visitor gazing at the Pacific as he appears to be. He is really a three-hundred-year-old Searcher going mad with frustration. Sir Maximillian, the seventh knight of King Author’s Round Table, is on a maddening quest to find Lo-Lo, the lost daughter of his true love, Queen Elaine—a journey that has taken him much longer than he ever imagined.

For Max, many challenges lie ahead. He must find Lo-Lo and return her to her mother’s throne, avenge the brutal murder of her mother, and trace the royal blood line of their Kingdom of Astolot. Meanwhile, twenty-two-year-old Lo-Lo—now going by Roz in her mortal life—is living in California, without any idea that hundreds of years ago, she was kidnapped and now eerily resembles Elaine, her mother from so long ago. But when Max finally sees Lo-Lo emerging from the ocean, he can hardly believe his eyes. He has found her at last, but Lo-Lo may not be ready to hear everything he has to say.

In this magical tale laced with greed and avarice, only time will tell if the force of overwhelming love has the power to bring generations of courageous characters together at last.

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ISBN: 9781475958416
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