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The stories and sketches offered by author Wayne Luckmann in The Buried Life offer a unique and intimate perspective of how people respond to the challenges they encounter in the conditions of the time.

While some of the tales are set against the background of events during the 1940s and 1950s, other pieces in this collection develop from initial incidents in a culture that has changed over several decades resulting in crises for the people involved and are often resolved in unexpected ways. The vignettes revolve around a variety of storylines and introduce a wide range of characters—two men who escape a gathering mountain storm in a surprising way; a narrator who meets a being totally oblivious to the busy excitement of Paris; a man who faces the dilemma of choosing between positions at a national level or remaining in one locally that will offer him more money and more responsibility; and another man working to accept the pain of betrayal and a dissolving marriage as he restores an antique auto.

Offering a moving collection of stories, The Buried Life explores the themes of suffering, dealing with memories, and the stinging regrets of the past.

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