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This book would not been written if was not for death of two great friends. I give my thanks to both of them, their was always faith in my life. They both walked beside me as a friend not behind me. My life is lived by faith, a time when your personal world changes forever. I took it one day at a time. Prayer brought me to a clear under standing , there were lots of crying and listing to the radio as I took long drives. Months went by as I begin to heal from the inside, now I am a much stronger women. The title of my book came from how bless I am and the strong faith that been with me for a long time. One Sunday as I sat in church the Priest ended his homily saying how rich are you, I thought he was talking to me that day, because I have been rich all my life. My richness comes from the strength I have in God, listening help me to have a strong bond with people I am close with and know them with as a very close friend. So many great things have happen to me because I have faith in God and he do answers prayers. My faith, positive attitude and be thankful for what I have, to me that means everything.

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ISBN: 9781483624006
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