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When I slept upstairs I would wake up and hear noises during the night. That’s when I got really scared of the dark. I was too scared to go downstairs to the bathroom so I wet the bed.

I never used to wet the bed. Now I was wetting the bed all the time. What made me start doing that? I don’t remember wetting the bed before this. Did Thomas and I get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Did our mom get us up and take us to the bathroom? All I knew was that I was wetting the bed every night and Thomas was making fun of me for it. I was really scared of the dark now. I don’t know why I started being so afraid of the dark. What happened to make me be so afraid?

This is a raw and powerful story of a woman who has suffered from multiple kinds of abuse and how it has affected every aspect of her life. She has gone through incest, childhood sexual abuse, and mental and verbal abuse. She begins by introducing you to her family and her story starts from there. She goes through her childhood, adult life, and up to the present. She is candid in the way she writes the story of her life. She tells you when and how the sexual abuse happened, how she felt about it at the time, and how it is still affecting her today.

She was fifty five when she faced the abuse and started healing from the devastating effects it had on her life. She felt a need to tell her story and it took a lot of courage for her to disclose her life in such an open and honest way. Her story will give you hope and inspiration that you can heal at any age of your life.
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ISBN: 9781466969674
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