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The Fiery Furnace
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Dare to let your imagination soar as you go deeply into the very shocking time when Daniel's friend's Sadrach, Meshack and Abednego would briefly be lamened by that prophet of the lion's den For they had enough nerve to say no to bowing down to Nebuchadnezzar's statue, refusing to worship it. No doubt Daniel shed several tears since they would be placed in the deadly path of some real foul jeopardy, aflame with merciless injustice, in spite of their upright motives to maintain their personal integrity. But Daniel didn't foresee that one like the Son of Man would bring them out safely. Nor did Daniel even know the nameless fourth man since that pre-exesistent Jesus, Yeshua Ha'Meshia had not yet been born into human flesh.
Then it became an unexpected season when the Lord would swiftly go on the defense to move some huge mountains of impossibilities that no mere mortal ever thought was possible.
It would additionally become a joyful moment when the spirit of death would be mocked, and the supernatural period when the works of Satan would even be effortlessly cast down, much lower than the lowest snake that ever slinked around on it's belly. Thus, events as such, were certain to be told and retold for countless aeons to follow. And the thoughts of the outstanding presence of our Father of Many Distant Lights would therefore be burned deeply into the imaginations of all of His faithful few for the rest of unending time..And the forthcoming wonders of God's most wonderful miracles would soon be blazing away with such blinding glory that absolutely no fires of hatred could ever burn so bright. And the victorious moment of faith upheld would then be indelibly burned into the pages of history for all of the following generations to see through open eyes that would be dazzled by things seen and unseen.
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