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The history of Spirit and Soul, born into the material world, as well as into other worlds, is a puzzle to ponder over, and the one who does it finds out the truth: what a human being is who created humans, why and what humans must become.
Human soul, mind and conscience are the powers of energies that wake up to start building and bring people to higher levels of discovering one’s inner nature and pave new ways to make a journey into the unknown.

I have been writing poetry since my childhood. My words express how my heart feels, as they probe life as the power of phenomena from any points of view: an observer, a teacher, a protector and God inside myself. I am a parapsychologist by nature. Since I was a child, I have felt acute pain in the souls of persons I met and their inner powers of energy, which could not come out because of soul suppression. I always see a different way of passing through life, often opposite to the one a person has chosen.

I learnt to see beyond physical forms, going deep into the reasons behind one’s choice. My gift later outgrew my childhood ambitions and I started to examine and decipher the forces that drive a human being and sometimes push him/her to the sidelines of life; who and why compels a human to be born in this world, being not perfect just as anything else.

For many years I have been researching into human soul and mind as material forces that are people’s inner roots; I consider these from the perspective of other dimensions that I call spiritual worlds, where I apply the truth I discovered and my books are all about this.
This is my first book of poems that combines my childhood, youth and present-time experiences.

Stefaniya Hessen Darmstadt – Zolotareva

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ISBN: 9781479794416
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