Marley Gayle Kellerman is a headstrong and imaginative child raised on a Pennsylvania farm in the 1950s . She finds great adventure riding the rolling hills of her imaginative Old West , on her horse Lightening, which closely resembles an overused broom. Marley's imagination serves as an escape from the real pain that she experiences in the hands of her mother, but she can see that there is more reason for her mother's anger than Marley herself can provide. Marley strikes back through her imagination, and finds this retaliation a source of strength and satisfaction.
Not heeding her mother's warning to stay away from him, Marley befriends a black man who has moved into her neighbor's farm. She spends time with him and grows to love him, which makes her best friend feel unwanted and angry. Marley searches for an answer after her new friend disappears without a trace, leaving behind the few possessions he owned.
Marley finds herself a teen keeping a secret that could destroy, avenging a murder, and fighting for her own life.
The reader will find a little of themselves in Marley. They will say what she has said, they will do what she has done, or wish they had.

Stella Barbaretta
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781483617343
List price: $3.99
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