ArcLight is an embodiment of Letters, Acclamations and Teachings dictated by Jahwshua Ben Joseph to myself, David Michael; one of many chosen scribes and teachers for The First Holy Christian School of Jahwshua Ben Joseph. Jahwshua’s teachings represent a return to authentic Christianity the world has never known.

This could be described as Jesus’s Second Coming, though He does not describe it this way. And though Jahwshua does recognize “Jesus” as an informal title brought about several hundred years ago, he does prefer to be addressed by His authentic formal sired name given him by his birth parents millenniums ago.

You are all welcome to partake in this adventure Jahwshua calls The Golden Age of Re-Enlightenment. Through His full spectrum ArcLight Teachings being brought forth from 2013 to 2023, there is much work to be done. This timing over the next ten years is what Jahwshua is calling The Decade of Correction.

“You have been horribly mistaught and completely confused by your priests, clergy and ministers through a long lineage of time.

Therefore, all of you, including them and them before theirs, suffer greatly”.

?Jahwshua Ben Joseph?

When you find your place in this world, you will find that your “real” self is more expanded than you had ever thought possible. This is the goal of which Jahwshua is leading. Reality as you have known it is about to change in a very good way.

Actual programming you had once thought “real” will pass away for actualized truth. The more truth you embody the more real you perceive yourself. The more real you perceive yourself, the more your actual self becomes a foundation of strength within the Real God, of which Jahwshua teaches, loves and adores.

Once you have completely addressed and resolved spiritual miasms, you will then come to understand the totality with which you are embraced; the love acceptance and understanding that holds you; and what it truly means when you say the words “I Am”.

It is with this in mind that I now bring you the ArcLight Teachings of Jahwshua

Ben Joseph.

His Student His Scribe,

David Michael

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