Understanding the dimensions and mechanics of the bible is far crucial in understanding of the bible itself. Fresh and new revelations will be like links on the chain when you read the bible from cover to cover with this very nature in mind. Bible is no different to the concept of a jigsaw puzzle. All the individual 66 books and epistles that sum up the bible are incomplete in its individuality. You can find that missing jigsaw piece nowhere but within the vicinity of the bible itself. For instance, Genesis without the other 65 books and epistles is incomplete and so forth. Oracles in the bible are scattered and blended with other testimonial experience so that an ordinary mind will look but shall not see and listen but cannot hear. The Pharisees, High Priests and the Jewish authorities opposed and rejected Jesus for their lack of awareness about the dynamics of the bible. You are very blessed for discovering this GOLDEN SECRET about the divinity of the bible.
Moreover, the bible is an encyclopedia of its own having answers to its own questions and all the questions mankind can ever think of. In other words, bible itself is the absolute and divine meaning of COMPLETION lacking nothing. In it is fullness of life, health, wealth, prosperity, authority and power without lack of any kind for it is a piece of God’s mind and heart constrained to mankind’s calling and thinking cap. In God is fullness of life so shall be it for His inspired book of all times – The Holy Bible.

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