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Is There Anybody Out There?
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This is the story of a little girl who was destined to suffer since she was three years old—sexually, mentally, and physically abused until she was forty-six. At three years old, she started being abused by her stepsister’s husband, her aunts, her cousins, her father, her father’s best friend, her doctors, and, last but not least, her husband.
The beauty of all this is that at forty-six years old, she went for counseling and got healed and delivered and learned to forgive each and every person who did her so much wrong. And she was blessed with a position as a parent educator with the school district, and she used every abuse since she was just three years old until she was forty-six to educate parents and young couples on how to not trust just anyone with their little ones and their teenagers. And how, when couples mistreat each other, we are hurting our children and teaching them that lifestyle without knowing we are risking our children to marry abusers when they grow up. She did this for fifteen years. She wasn’t afraid, embarrassed, or ashamed to speak the truth to be able to help others, especially the children. Please don’t criticize or laugh about what you are about to read: this is a real story, and it is still going on today in a lot of homes, hospitals, and schools. And it will continue if there is not enough of us brave enough to speak up and do something for the sake of our loved ones, especially for the children who can’t defend themselves.
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