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Don’t give up till you reach the end, or you will miss the message.
My poems are inspired by life’s experience, the good times and the
not so good times. Recapping significant bits of life and events that
have absolutely no significance at all. Sometimes one of my poems
will introduce a life changing truth next will lead you down the
garden path to some humorous event that’s really out for a laugh.

I suppose it’s not really fair to play with the dynamics of people’s
emotions but life’s not always fair. Anyway if your reading my book
and it has touched you enough to move your mind away from reality
for a short time it has achieved the desired result. And also paid a
small amount to help feed my family. This will also give me the
opportunity to write another verse that just may be the poem that
touches the hearts of the people that needs a slight encouragement
at that particular moment……so don’t get up off the lounge or out of
that comfy chair.
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